We buy houses cash real estate investor scams signs and ads in New Hampshire Massachusetts Maine
We Buy Houses scams are everywhere. say "No" in NH New Hampshire - Manchester, Derry, Londondery, Goffstown, Candia, Hooksett, Weare, Bow
We Use Our OWN Cash to Buy. If we agree on the details, you can sell your New Hampshire home NOW. Traditional sale. NO SCAMS. NO SCHEMES like the other so-called "investors"!
In New Hampshire / NH, need assistance with divorce, filing bankruptcy, avoiding foreclosure, refinancing, bad credit. I can't refinance. Also need help finding a good lawyer / attorney. Need to sell my house now. How can I make my house sell quickly? What about those We Buy Houses signs - are they scams?
Beware of we buy houses scams; foreclosure help scams and cash for your house scams.
Letters to help you stop foreclosure may result in even more serious problems. See your real estate or bankruptcy lawyer / attorney before signing anything.
House / Home trouble? Stop foreclosure, avoid bankruptcy, get cash, sell quickly, help in divorce, estates, credit & mortgage problems in New Hampshire (NH).
Sell your New Hampshire NH house fast - now, if it meets our criteria. No buy houses scams, no listings, no auctions, no commissions. Relocating, divorce, laid off, can't refinance, foreclosure, bankruptcy, new job - just want to sell your home - contact MyHouseForCash.
Sell your New Hampshire NH house fast - now, if it meets our criteria. No buy houses scams, no listings, no auctions, no commissions. Relocating, divorce, laid off, can't refinance, foreclosure, bankruptcy, new job - just want to sell your home - contact MyHouseForCash.
Sell your New Hampshire NH house fast - now, if it meets our criteria. No buy houses scams, no listings, no auctions, no commissions. Relocating, divorce, laid off, can't refinance, foreclosure, bankruptcy, new job - just want to sell your home - contact MyHouseForCash.
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Another Schemer!
"...There was one ("investor"). He said he would buy it but I would get my money in 12 to 24 months. I hung up on him. He wasted a lot of my time..." CS, WI
Lawyers Won't Let Their Clients Be Victims!
"...Yes. I saw those (we buy houses) signs. My Lawyer told me not to do that.and to watch out!..." ZW, NC 
"...We do want to thank you for the time you put into this for us and we will keep you in mind for the future not only for us but for our friends and relatives who may get into a situation that may need your help..." PS, NH

"I like your company's honesty and candid explanations." CC, AZ
Please Read On....
     1. We DO NOT have to qualify for a loan and hope we can close - as is the case  with most Buyers (and even some of those people who say
         they buy for cash!).  If the Buyer doesn't qualify for his loan, you don't sell your property.  We USE OUR OWN FUNDS!
     2. We will NOT MISLEAD you as some others may.
         We will NOT offer to take over your payments, lease your house, put your house into a land trust or buy your home "subject-to"  as
         promoted by some of the TV infomercial courses for some of those "investors" who in reality have little or no money to "invest". 
         We will NOT tell you we will pay top dollar or full price for your house.
         We will NOT tell you we will buy any property in any condition. 
        KNOW THIS......Some "investors" out there who you may see advertising on a telephone pole, on a sign sticking in the ground, running an ad in the
        "real estate  wanted" section of the newspaper or sending unsolicited letters, will offer to "buy" (yes, even saying that they "BUY FOR CASH"). Their
        ads will be strong, direct and say all of the right things.  And yes, some may be very capable of performing exactly as they say.
        However, some of them will have and use a very different version of "buying" than the usual and customary approach to buying and selling real
        estate.  Some of their proposals will look like nothing you have seen nor with which you may feel comfortable. Rather, what they propose
        will feel foreign, strange, unclear and NOT in any way typical and traditional.
        Some may offer to "buy" using some scheme - offering to purchase "subject-to"; or to "take over your payments"; or a lease; or try to put your
        deed into a "land trust"; or say that they get their money from a "group of investors" or try to use some other arrangement.  These are practices
        taught by some of the TV infomercial real estate programs which enable the buyer / investor to take control of your property with little or no risk to
        them and with little or nmoney of their own (e.g., no money down - you've heard these words before on TV!). These programs are promoted  /
        marketed to people who typically have little money of their own, or poor credit - yet who are told that they can earn great wealth by buying real estate.
        Maybe these approaches will meet your needs. If they do, good for you! 
        In any case though, we believe you should study every detail and reach the best conclusion you can. You are making an important decision.
     3. If the property meets our purchase parameters and we wish to own your property, we will buy in the traditional manner, using our own,
         real cash and do so in the manner in which WE would sell our own homes / residences.
As described throughout this website, these are just our opinions.  Others will have their opinions. See for yourself.  Form your own opinion. 
Our Customers chose us because we performed as described above - in a manner which gave them comfort, security and satisfaction.
There Are Loads Of People Who Say They "Buy Houses" & Want To Buy Your House.  They May Tell You They Can, They Have The Money, How Easy It Will Be, Etc.  Yes - some may be very good at what they do and can be of help..
Once again, as we stated throughout this website, all those who "buy houses" are NOT alike.
How would you react if you had this experience with someone who approached you about buying your home?
"...He (the "Investor") said he had a buyer for my house all lined up.  But, he wouldn't tell me who the buyer was and he would not give me a formal Purchase and Sale Agreement.  He (the Investor) would not even tell me his name!...He said "that's not important now"..."   (Comment made to us during a meeting with a homeowner who needed to sell and was very suspicious of the "investor" with whom he met first - and for obvious reasons.  Then he called us.)
From another conversation with someone who needed to sell quickly (in foreclosure and about to lose their home):
"I had one company who told me they could definitely help me.  And they never called me back!
I appreciate you being direct with me - most people aren't."   JR, Louisiana
And another...
"...They seem like fly-by-nights.  I called one guy in the paper - they wanted me to give my house away!..."  DW, Tex
While there are many good real estate agents out there, there are some who fail to perform as promised or fail to meet the expectations of the Home Owner.  We receive calls and emails from people who just do not want to list their homes any longer...
"...Real estate agents here are content to sit and wait for the phone to ring!!! I am done with them!!!" NB, WA
The Bottom Line:   We helped many people.  
We may be the answer to your needs.   We won't know until we discuss your situation and desires.
Let's talk.  Start by sending an email to us.  Go to our "Contact Us" page now
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IMPORTANT -   Please ensure that you read our PRIVACY statement regarding our use of your information, conversations, etc.  and rules regarding your use of this site, our stand on copyright protection, etc.

If We Agree To Own Your Home, We Will Buy It



NO Schemes.  NO Scams. NO "Creative" Approaches.

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  8. Why Is Knowing The Amount of Equity In Your Property CRITICAL To Us?    
      We must know how much equity is in the property before we can consider a purchase -  and this is why we ask what you owe,
      what you paid and what the estimated market value may be.
      Here's a simple example...Let's say that the market value - the price that would make your house sell, now, is $300,000.00.  If we
      determine that the house needs $50,000 in upgrades and work to make it properly marketable - that would mean, that we would
      have to pay no more than $250,000 (and that does not include deductions for other costs or even a modest profit - how we feed our
      families). If you owe $290,000.00 (meaning that you would have AT BEST $10,000.00 in equity), then we could NOT possibly
      purchase your home.  If after we invested the time with you to examine the property's condition, examine the local market, etc. we
      finally learn that you owe close to what the property was worth - and therefore could not even come close to selling it for the price
      necessary to cover repairs, upgrades, etc. - then all we have done is wasted your time and ours. This is why we must know the
      degree of equity at the BEGINNING of our discussions.
     We do not ask about loan balances to play negotiating games.  Either the property has enough equity to make the purchase viable
     for us or it does not.  And providing this information does NOT, in our humble opinion, make you any weaker in the discussion.
     Again, as we stated above, the decision to sell will ALWAYS be yours.  The price at which you sell MUST be acceptable to you.
     Period. If you do not consider our price acceptable - you do not work with us and life will go on.
     If, you decide, that despite this information and our explanation, you cannot or will not provide equity-related information, then your
     needs will be better served by another company.  We receive "thank you" letters and letters of commendation because we are
     careful, diligent and do what we say.  And we have been in business for years.  Making bad purchase decisions would put us -
     and any responsible investor - out of business. And this outcome (our "being out of business") would have
     been deeply regretted by the great many families, individuals, real estate agents, investors, attorneys and banks we assisted over
     the years - and whom directly benefited from our involvement. We believe that it is important that you understand our logic - whether
     or not you agree. 
  9. How The Process Works If All of The Details Meet Everyone's Requirements:
     The actual approach we use to screen and buy homes has taken years to develop and test.  It is proprietary and works very well.
      Ask our Customers. We will be glad to share the details in our first meeting. If your house qualifies according to our proprietary
      purchase criteria and formula and we can agree on a price that meets your needs and a date to close, we can present you with a
      written Purchase and Sale Agreement, with an offer to purchase, for CASH, on the spot!
      If the house does not meet our requirements for a purchase by our company, we may still be able to provide an answer
      that works for you.
      We run the process, coordinate all of the activities with the Title Company, take care of the paperwork, organize the team, etc.  If
      all of the paperwork and related issues are clear, all you do is show up at the closing table on the agreed upon date, sign the
      papers and it's done!
How It Works, in Summary:
 1. What Do We Purchase?  We can purchase homes of a style and in a location which we believe we can resell quickly, once the
     properties are placed in proper condition.  The home styles vary but are typical (e.g., capes, colonials, ranches, gambrels,  garrisons.
     splits, etc.).  Lots, land and apartment buildings are all considered. We are selective in what we buy. We do NOT buy every
     house we see.  
     We do not keep the homes and rent them, but rather make them available through resale to a prospective home owner seeking a
     home in good condition at an affordable price or to another investor through assignment or sale (if we choose not to take title yet you
     still request our assistance), also seeking to make a purchase.
  2. How Do We Determine Our Purchase Price? Our primary goal is to identify a price that works for BOTH the Homeowner and us.
      From our perspective, our goal is to resell properties we buy, quickly, once we put them back on the market.  We identify the
      upgrades and repairs necessary to make the property appealing and we price them aggressively / very competitively - sometimes
      below market value. This logically requires that we purchase homes at some significant discount below market value (so that we
      may cover our costs and earn a profit). The amount of the discount varies by the specific house and specific situation (depending
      upon our opinion of the work needed, location, market conditions, etc.).  This approach also applies if we choose to assign the house
      to one of our investor-clients as well - as they must also cover costs, sell quickly and earn a profit.  In all cases though, of course, the
      deal is only done if the discount is acceptable to the Homeowner. If the price isn't acceptable to the Homeowner, we don't buy it. Nor
      do we push or pressure.  Either our number / the price we offer is acceptable or it isn't.  Period.
      And of course, the purchase price that we propose is simply not acceptable to everyone.
 3. What About "Market Value" Or "Full Price"?  So, because we must cover our costs, earn a profit and price our houses to sell
     quickly (e.g., lower than competing houses), we cannot pay the full retail or the highest price for homes. If you as a
     Homeowner must have the "market value" or close, for your home, we are not for you. You are likely better off trying to sell using
     some other method - e.g., listing it with an agent.  We feed our families by purchasing real estate at one, lower price and reselling the
     property at a higher price. Again, the difference between the two prices is intended to cover our costs and generate a profit.  
 4.We Pay Prices That Are Logical, Acceptable To & Meet The Needs Of Our Customers.
     Our Home Owners accept our price - a price discounted less than a market price or full retail price - because they have decided, that
     when they weigh all of the factors in their personal situation, that they are better off selling their property, with greater assurance and
     getting it over with, than not.  The Homeowner decides if there is value in working with us - and how much value - e.g., in the form of a
     lower price they are willing to accept.  Again, the Homeowner decides, we do not.
     The Homeowner decides that selling now will be better for them than waiting or parading Buyers and tire-kickers through their home
     who may or may not be interested and who may or may not even be qualified to buy (because they do not actually have the money or
     are pre-approved for a mortgage) even if they do submit an offer.
     ANYONE can submit an offer to buy your home.  The question is,  can they really afford to buy your home?  Will they actually be
     approved for a mortgage?  Or do they have a home they must sell first before they can buy yours?  Or will they use a Home Inspector
     who will find a hundred reasons for you to drop your already-agreed-to-price? How long will it all take, if it even actually happens at
     all???  Remember - "they" won't give you any guarantee of anything!
  5. Who Determines If Our Price Is Fair?   Again - we do not decide if the price is acceptable to our Customers - THEY decide if the
      price is acceptable.  We do NOT push or pressure - the price we wish to offer is identified and presented - and it is either considered
     satisfactory or it is not by the Customer. The property is only sold if the Home Owner feels the price is acceptable and meets
     their needs.  Only YOU can decide if it is acceptable to you.
  6. Why Do Property Owners Want To Work With Us?  The Home Owners who choose to work  with us are not all in financial
      distress.  Some people are already listed with an agent - but nothing is happening.  Others want to maintain their privacy and do not
      want strangers brought through their home.  Others want to simply keep their carpets clean!  But in all cases, people who work
      with us just want to know that the process of selling their property - which could otherwise take what seems like forever - gets done. 
     They can plan for the next move and get on with their lives.
  7. Who Should Probably Not Work With Us? We are not for those people seeking the highest possible price for homes.  If you
      MUST have the HIGHEST possible price for your home (or for that matter, any price which is other than one that we offer or on which
      we agree) and do not care at all how long it will take - or even it sells at all - then you should probably try the more typical route to
      sell your home - sell it through the support of a real estate agent. However, not everyone has the time for that option.
     We ARE for those people who have enough equity in their homes and who believe there is VALUE TO THEM to accept a logical but
     lower price - to get the deal done.
     IMPORTANT:  While we assist people in financial difficulty and foreclosure, we do NOT help people who are in a
     mortgage crisis / foreclosure / bankruptcy, etc.,  stay in or keep their homes - as do some scams.  Our primary goal is
     to PURCHASE a  property.   So if it is your goal to keep your home, we are not for you.
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After Speaking With Two, "Investors"...
"...Everybody wants to take control of the house...and me not have any real say about it.  But it's still on MY credit!..." LL, KY
Signs & More Signs!"..
"....I've seen tons of those we buy houses, we take over payments signs here.  I've been getting those "I'll save your home" cards.  The ones without any money will try the schemes and scams...that's what I've noticed..."  MM, AZ    
"...No I haven't spoken to any (~ of the "buy houses" people). I know better than to waste my time..." PT, NH
His NH Real Estate Agent Says DON'T DO IT When He Was Approached by A Local NH House Buyer!
"An investor named **** wanted us to do a rent-to-own scenario with us.  And he was asking us to collect the rent. And he wanted us to sign the deed over to him. I talked to a friend of mine who is in real estate and he told me "don't do it"!  I told him (the "house buiyer) that we were not interested in signing the house over to him." CS, NH
A NH Homeowner Who Made The Right Decision
"I know that there are a lot of scams like you see on TV about buying homes and I don't want to be involved in something like that." JG, NH
One NH "Investor" Who Always Says Great Things About Himself In His Ads Yet...He Didn't Follow Up
This NH homeowner contacted several investors through their ads. "...They were just "oh yeah we'll come by" but they never came by.  We had one person come by but he never got back to us.  It was ########..." MM, NH 
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Home Owners: Learn About Our Approach & Why It Works.
YES - You Can Sell Your Home Quickly, Without Commissions & "Showings", To A Cash Buyer, WITHOUT SCAMS & SCHEMES.  YOU Decide If The Price Is Right - As Have Many Others.
Before You List With A Real Estate Agent & WAIT For Your House To Sell, Consider Us.
AND - Even If You Are ALREADY LISTED With An Agent, But Your House Just Isn't Selling Quickly Enough, We May Still Help!
Trying To Sell a House By Listing It With An Agent Is Not For Everyone.
Listing Your House and "Showing" It To A Parade Of "Buyers",  "Tire Kickers" or Nosey Neighbors Can Be Very Tough When You Value Your Privacy, Have Pets or Little Children or Simply When You Just Want to Keep Your House Clean - As This Person Who Had Their Home Listed For Months Told Us.
"...I have people trudging through my house.  I have runners everywhere just to try and keep my carpet clean.  We've been waiting for the real estate agent  (to sell it).  We just don't like doing this.  It's like...ucchhh!"  ER, NH
We hear statements like this on a regular basis: "The real estate office is not selling my house fast enough (4 months)." VF, TX
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Not in NH, MA or ME? Contact Us Anyway! We May Still Be Able To Help.

In summary, our sole focus and role is to see if we can be of assistance when there's real estate involved and the need to take action. So, If in New Hampshire or Northern Massachusetts you are considering selling your home and you're saying, "I need to sell my home now in New Hampshire / NH or MA / Massachusetts, For sale by owner, I can't sell my house, I am losing my house, I have too many bills, I can't afford my house, They're taking my home, Refinance my house ASAP in New Hampshire / NH, I need help in stopping foreclosure, Please prevent / stop foreclosure in NH / New Hampshire, I need help, Where can I get help fast?,  I need assistance with filing divorce in NH / New Hampshire, I need advice / assistance or help with filing / avoiding / preventing bankruptcy (Chapter 7 or Chapter 13) in New Hampshire / NH, How can I sell my house while in bankruptcy?, How can I sell my house while in foreclosure?, Avoid bankruptcy now, Explain New Hampshire divorce law, Explain NH bankruptcy law, Explain New Hampshire Foreclosure law, I need the best / top lawyer or attorney, Stop foreclosure now, I need foreclosure help, Stop my divorce, Can I sell my house after I file for divorce?, I am losing my house!, I need a good divorce attorney / lawyer, I need a good real estate attorney / lawyer, I need a good bankruptcy attorney / lawyer, I must find a good foreclosure lawyer, Find me a good divorce lawyer / attorney, Help me after Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, How Can I sell my house while In bankruptcy in New Hampshire / NH, I need a new / cheaper / better mortgage to lower my payments now, Please prevent my foreclosure, Prevent bankruptcy, Stop the loss of my home, I need debt elimination / consolidation, I must reduce my debt quickly, or I need fast cash now, How can I sell my home without a real estate agent?, How can I sell my house myself?, I do not want to pay a commission, Will filing bankruptcy stop a foreclosure?, What are the foreclosure laws?, What are the bankruptcy laws?, I have bad credit, How can I sell my house myself?, How can I make my house sell faster?, My house is not selling, Why won't my house sell?, Can this investor really buy my house?, How do I know if this buy houses investor is a scam?, Are we buy houses people legit or a scam?, How do I know if he really has the money to buy?, Should I call the phone number I saw on a we buy houses sign?, How do I know if this real estate investor house home buyer is honest and has the cash money to buy?  How can I tell if the real estate buyer who wants to buy my house is lying or trying to cheat me? How can I avoid being scammed by the person who wants to buy my house?, Should I sell my house to an investor or a 'we buy houses" person?,  My credit score is low and I can't get a mortgage or refinance", contact us immediately. I get letters and cards asking to buy my house. Are these letters and cards scams? Why can't we sell our house? How can I MAKE my house sell NOW? Are those avoid bankruptcy stop foreclosure buy for cash cards signs and letters scams or real?


If you're looking to buy and you're saying, "I want to buy a house, land, condo, home, mobile home, income property, rehab, or apartment building in NH, I need an affordable low cost mortgage quickly, I need a cheap mortgage fast, I want to buy a fixer upper ASAP, I need to lower my house payments, I need a downpayment, I can't afford a new home, How can I qualify for a mortgage, I need the Seller to carry paper, I need Seller financing, I want the best mortgage possible, I must have the lowest rates, I want a mortgage with no points or fees, Where I can I buy a house in New Hampshire without a down payment?,  I want to buy a house I can afford at a good price, How can I buy a mobile home in New Hampshire, Where are the best trailer parks in New Hampshire, I Want To buy a duplex or condo in New Hampshire / NH, I want to rent to own, Can I buy no money down?, I need a cheap or affordable home, Should I use a Buyer Broker?, What is a buyer's agent?, How can I buy a house without a real estate agent?, I need cash to buy, I am having trouble qualifying for a mortgage", contact us first.


In all areas we may provide assistance and help to those people seeking support in the quick buying and selling of real estate (houses, mobile homes, land, single family, multi family, duplex, condos, condexes, townhouses, commercial / retail strip malls, etc.) as it relates to bankruptcy (Chapter 7 and Chapter 13); foreclosure (stopping and avoiding foreclosure); divorce; relocating and relocation; estates; probate; inheritance of real estate; land lording, income, rental, or investment property; illness and death; getting cash quickly or assisting with badly needed cash due to layoffs; avoiding the payment of real estate commissions, etc.: Allenstown, Amherst, Atkinson, Antrim, Ashland, Auburn, Barnstead, Bedford, Boscawen, Bow, Brentwood, Chester, Chichester, Candia, Canterbury, Concord, Contoocook, Danville, Deerfield, Deering, Derry, Dover, Durham, Epping, Epsom, Exeter, Francestown, Franklin, Fremont, Gilmanton, Gilford, Goffstown, Greenfield, Greenville, Hampstead, Hampton, Hollis, Hopkinton, Hudson, Hooksett, Jaffrey, Kingston, Laconia, Lee, Litchfield, Londonderry, Loudon, Lyndeborough, Manchester, Meredith, Merrimack, Milford, Mont Vernon, Nashua, New Boston, New London, New Ipswich, Newton, Newfields, Northfield, Northwood, Nottingham, Pelham, Pembroke, Penacook, Peterborough, Pittsfield, Plaistow, Portsmouth, Raymond, Rindge, Salem, Sandown, Somersworth, Stratham, Suncook, Tilton, Weare, Webster, Wilton, Windham, Wolfeboro AND MORE in New Hampshire. In Massachusetts we serve Lawrence, Lowell, Methuen, Haverhill, AND MORE. Depending upon availability, we may also be able to refer you to another investor in Rhode Island, Connecticut, California, Virginia, Texas, Michigan among other states; and in Massachusetts, Worcester, Fitchburg, Leominster, Gardner, Westminster, Auburn, Shrewsbury, Shirley, Northborough, Acton and neighboring towns. 


If you think you need the top or best real estate agent, realtor or broker, or the best attorney or lawyer in NH New Hampshire, to help sell, or to stop a foreclosure or file bankruptcy because you behind in your mortgage and you are afraid to use a possible scammer scam artist investor who buys houses, stop briefly, read this www.MyHouseForCash.com  / www.AlternativesinRealty.com website completely, first, then decide. If you need or must sell your house, home or real estate now, fast, quickly or ASAP, contact us on our contact us page - http://www.alternativesinrealty.com/air_021.htm.


We are not attorneys nor real estate agents nor do we perform any service which requires a license. We give our opinions, not advice.  We encourage every prospective Client to do their homework, thoroughly!  This not the "small print" - we suggest you act as we would act when considering an important decision.  Play it smart. Be diligent.