In New Hampshire / NH, need assistance with divorce, filing bankruptcy, avoiding foreclosure, refinancing, bad credit. I can't refinance. Also need help finding a good lawyer / attorney. Need to sell my house now. How can I make my house sell quickly? What about those We Buy Houses signs - are they scams? House / Home trouble? Stop foreclosure, avoid bankruptcy, get cash, sell quickly, help in divorce, estates, credit & mortgage problems in New Hampshire (NH). We Buy Houses scams are everywhere. say "No" in NH New Hampshire - Manchester, Derry, Londonderry, Goffstown, Candia, Hooksett, Weare, Bow. We Use Our OWN Cash to Buy. If we agree on the details, you can sell your New Hampshire home NOW. Traditional sale. NO SCAMS. NO SCHEMES like the other so-called "investors"!Sell my New Hampshire NH real estate property, home, house fast.Now. |Safely. No scams.No agent. No commissions. Stop foreclosure. Possibly avoid bankruptcy. Behind in mortgage? Divorce? Sell my New Hampshire NH real estate property, home, house fast.Now. |Safely. No scams.No agent. No commissions. Stop foreclosure. Possibly avoid bankruptcy. Behind in mortgage? Divorce?
Sell my New Hampshire NH real estate property, home, house fast.Now. |Safely. No scams.No agent. No commissions. Stop foreclosure. Possibly avoid bankruptcy. Behind in mortgage? Divorce?
Best Buy Houses Real Estate Investors in NH New Hampshire & Northern MA Massachusetts Who Can Buy My House Now Fast & Help Me Sell My Home For Cash
Need to Sell my New Hampshire house / home in Allenstown, Amherst, Atkinson, Auburn, Bedford, Boscawen, Bow, Brentwood, Chester, Chichester, Candia, Concord, Contoocook, Danville, Deerfield, Deering, Derry, Epping, Epsom, Exeter, Francestown, Franklin, Fremont, Goffstown, Greenfield, Greenville, Hampstead, Hampton, Hollis, Hopkinton, Hudson, Hooksett, Jaffrey, Kingston, Lee, Litchfield, Londonderry, Loudon, Lyndeborough, Manchester, Meredith, Merrimack, Milford, Mont Vernon, Nashua, New Boston, Northfield, Northwood, Nottingham, Pelham, Pembroke, Penacook, Peterborough, Pittsfield, Plaistow, Portsmouth, Raymond, Salem, Sandown, Somersworth, Stratham, Suncook, Tilton, Weare, Webster, Wilton, Windham
Want to sell your house / home NOW? Sell it to us. No schemes. No scams. Traditional purchase.
ILLEGAL SIGNS - We Buy Houses signs posted on telephone poles and sticking in the ground on highways is often an ILLEGAL act in many if not most towns. If the person posting ths signs is breaking the law in this simple matter, of what else is he capable? Do your homework and background checks.
Sell My Real Estate / House / Home In New Hampshire NH
Asking, "Need to sell my house now, fast in New Hampshire / NH"? Wondering, "How to sell my house or refinance my home"? Facing divorce, foreclosure, bankruptcy, bad credit, job loss in New Hampshire?
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NO Schemes.  NO Scams. NO "Creative" Approaches.

Listed below are excerpts from websites we identified (postings, news articles and other sources). This is information that is available to anyone on the Internet - made public by the sources. The sources have been identified (to the extent we could find the information) and given credit. Some listings are simply blogs and opinions. We have not validated any of the original sources - so the info is here for your "entertainment" and not provided as fact.  You are encouraged though, to do more research on your own - and form your own opinions.
"Don't Hand Your House to A Thief"   (Source - Excerpted and modified from an article posted by C. Solomon on an MSN Microsoft real estate subject site)

A New York couple was in a great deal of difficulty. The husband had health issues.  He also lost his job. In order to pay their bills, the couple took out a home equity loan on their home. But the home equity loan wasn't enough to meet their financial needs. That's when the person offering help (a.k.a. - "the helper" - name omitted). This person told the couple that he would arrange a bailout.  He said that they should stop making mortgage payments while he worked out the details. Then the couple started to receive foreclosure notices.  When foreclosure notices started showing up, he told the couple to ignore them.  He said he'd take care of it. Almost eight weeks had passed since "the helper" had approached them.  And now, the day before their foreclosure was scheduled, "the helper" told the home owners that the arrangement hadn't worked. Instead, he said they'd have to file for bankruptcy and enter a "special program".  In this program, they'd sign over their house's title to one of "the helper's" employees and another of his business associates.  This associate happened to be "the helper's" brother. He said they'd be allowed to live in their home as tenants and their rent payments would go toward buying their home back from him. Due to the impending foreclosure and their lack of money, they had no choice but to sign over their deed.

But "the helper" never made any mortgage payments as he promised he would. He kept the home owner's rent money and about $50,000 of the couple's money that remained after their creditors were paid. (NOTE - There are signs on telephone poles that say they'll take over your payments. Maybe some are legitimate and well-intended.  Maybe others are not.)




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These Stories Describe People & Companies Who Have Apparently
Victimized Homeowners Across the Country...
As A Result, New Laws & Regulations Are Being Proposed - And The Offenders
Are Being Dragged To Court - Or Jail ???
Foreclosure "Rescue" Scams - DON'T FALL PREY!                                               
What’s a Foreclosure "Rescue" Scam? These scams revolve around heavily-promoted deals supposedly designed to save the homes of people facing foreclosure, those who've fallen behind on their mortgage payments.
But with frightening regularity this "help" from a "rescuer" either drains off the property’s built-up equity or leaves the "rescuer" owning the house outright – and the family evicted from their home. In many cases it’s hard to escape the conclusion that that’s exactly what the "rescue" is designed to do.
The predominant foreclosure "rescue" scams appear to come in three varieties.
The first might be called "phantom help," where the "rescuer" charges outrageous fees either for light-duty phone calls and paperwork the homeowner could have easily performed, or on a promise of more robust representation that never materializes. In either event the homeowner is usually left without enough assistance to actually save the home but with little or no time left to prevent this grievous loss by the time s/he realizes it. The "rescuer" essentially abandons the homeowner to a fate that might well have been prevented with better intervention.
A second variety of the scam is the "bailout" that never quite works. This scenario includes various schemes under which the homeowner surrenders title to the house in the belief that s/he is entering a deal where s/he’ll be able to remain as a renter, and buy it back over the next few years. Homeowners are sometimes told that surrendering title is necessary so that someone with a better credit rating can secure new financing to prevent the loss of the home. But the terms of these deals are almost invariably so onerous that the buyback becomes impossible, the homeowner permanently loses possession, and the "rescuers" walk off with all or most of the home’s equity.
The third variety is a bait-and-switch where the homeowner does not realize s/he is surrendering ownership of the house in exchange for a "rescue." Many homeowners later insist that they believed they were only signing documents for a new loan to make the mortgage current.
Source: R. Johnston, Realtor, Posted on the San Fernando Valley Real Estate Blog; his source was the National Consumer Law Center Report
This is just a sample.  We'll be adding more info as we encounter it.
Even Some Of The So-Called Real Estate Gurus Have Shady Pasts & Trouble With The Law.
One Popular Guru, who has written numerous get-rich-quick books and had TV infomercials:
* Was investigated by the Illinois Attorney General's Office for illegal & fraudulent acts.
* Was sued in a lawsuit filed by the California Attorney General's Office
* Was investigated by State Attorneys General Offices in 9 states
* Had a civil contempt order filed against him by the Federal Trade Commission.
Source: Trust Makers
Others have filed bankruptcy, closed and reopened businesses under different names, etc.
We Will Assume That By Now You Have Seen The Get-Rich-Quick Real Estate Infomercials On TV.
These seminars are often attended by people who have very little of their own money - and may not even be employed.
They are taught tricks and schemes to identify people in need and how to take control of their homes.  You can see many comments from these needy homeowners who were tricked or misled by reading comments all over this website.
"Money Magazine" did an in depth article called "Foreclosure Investing - Is This The Golden Opportunity?".  They reviewed several courses offered to people seeking to take advantage of what appears to be a glut of foreclosures and people in need. 
Money quotes one of the Presidents of these foreclosure buying instant wealth seminars - where he tells his "students" (people seeking to get rich quick by taking control of people's homes)  NOT to answer the direct questions of the homeoweners in need that the seminar attendees contact. Rather he teaches his students to EVADE AND AVOID answering their important questions - and turn the conversation around to make the Homeowner answer questions instead. They are told " ask questions but not answer them..." - a direct quote from the article.   Does this tactic sound misleading if not dishonest to you???   
When we are asked direct questions - we provide direct answers. PERIOD.
Yes, We Watch Some of The "Get-Rich-Quick-in-Real-Estate" TV Infomercials Too - For Their Entertainment Value!
For example, here are some quotes from just one of these shows where a "guru" is selling his "system":
" does not require you to have any money or credit to make thousands of dollars every deal in just 14 days..."
"...does not require your cash or credit..." 
"...The amazing secrets in XXXX's system have already made him millions."
" in on the huge fortunes in the foreclosure market without using a dime of your own money or credit..."
So let's make this perfectly as the home owner can help someone without any credit and no money
to make "thousands of dollars every day" by "selling" him your home.
Sounds like a great idea, right?  Not to us.  It's ridiculous. 
(Sorry for the sarcasm.  Sometimes it just can't be helped!)
Attorney General Sues Foreclosure Firms - a newspaper article we found (and there are many out there).
It explained that the foreclosure assistance companies defrauded home owners out of thousands of dollars, collected
huge fees before performing any "services" and even held themselves out as being trustworthy because they said they were
"Christian companies".  And after getting a lot of money up front, they demanded even more money from people who were already in trouble, before the firms would do anything for them.  Despicable in our opinion.  And I guess this State and its Attorney General feels the same way.
Bad credit score immediately down payment prevent stop advice

"I won't even attempt to do that (work with the buy houses types). Their signs scare me." VC, MA



A Typical Trait of The Unreliable

"He never returned my calls. Then a month later he called and tried to negotiate. He said he would call back and never called back.” MD, MA



This Person Saw A Buy Houses Billboard In Nashua, Took The Bait & Called


“…He got in to the different options. He made it sound great. Then he asked for our deed and I said , whoa! Forget it!”...”MS, NH

Sell Buy House Home Agent Real Estate New Hampshire NH Inherited Bankruptcy Foreclosure Divorce Refinance Mortgage air020008.gif

A Classic Story & Very Sad - Hurt Again By A So-Called “Investor”


“…A friend did that (worked with a buy houses investor) with a guy who said he’d take over the payments. He “bought” 6 houses that way and he lost every one of them. And the people lost their homes to foreclosure because he didn’t make the payments (~as he promised he would).  I’m not giving my house to those idiots!” KM, TX

A Community Law Center represnetative is surrounded by homebuying signs that were posted illegally around Baltimore. Residents tore the signs down to turn them over to the city. (Baltimore Sun article by Sun reporter, photo by M. Lopossay / April 2, 2008)

Another Scam Example: Phantom Help

This scheme is fairly simple: Let's say you're way behind on your home payments and facing foreclosure. An individual or group contacts you and says they can help.  They then charge you thousands of dollars for various administrative duties like filing forms and phone calls.  Or they simply keep promising a their big rescue later. You can probably guess what's really going on: The "helper" isn't really doing anything at all to stop your foreclosure despite collecting thousands from you. And by the time you figure out you've tricked, it's often too late to stop the loss of your house. How did the scammer know to target you, anyway? That's easy: When a lender schedules the home for public auction, the matter becomes public record. Notices are often published in local newspapers.  They follow these notices - then start calling, sending letters or even driving by and knocking on doors. It's not guardian angel -- just a vulture.

From A Posting From The Attorney General Of North Carolina (Source)

His office took one of those "we buy homes" outfits to court to stop them from taking advantage of North Carolina home owners. The company got the home owners to sign their titles to their homes over to them, held in a trust and then leased the homes while leaving the original owners responsible for paying the existing mortgage.  (As a side note, there are so-called "investors" attempting the same technique here, according to what we have been told).  Although the company promised to pay the mortgages on the homes it "bought" from the home owners, the company never put its own name on the mortgages and sometimes failed to make the payments it promised it would ("we take over your payments"), putting them at risk of losing their homes through foreclosure.

Their office also encountered another form of scam involving "foreclosure consultants". These people promise they can resolve a foreclosure by meeting or negotiating with the home owner's creditors.  They generally take one month's mortgage payment, but instead of paying the lender, they pocket this as an up front fee.  This scam leaves the desperate home owners in even worse shape than they started.

The Attorney General's office is advising consumers to be skeptical of companies that:

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If you're looking to buy and you're saying, "I want to buy a house, land, condo, home, mobile home, income property, rehab, or apartment building in NH, I need an affordable low cost mortgage quickly, I need a cheap mortgage fast, I want to buy a fixer upper ASAP, I need to lower my house payments, I need a downpayment, I can't afford a new home, How can I qualify for a mortgage, I need the Seller to carry paper, I need Seller financing, I want the best mortgage possible, I must have the lowest rates, I want a mortgage with no points or fees, Where I can I buy a house in New Hampshire without a down payment?,  I want to buy a house I can afford at a good price, How can I buy a mobile home in New Hampshire, Where are the best trailer parks in New Hampshire, I Want To buy a duplex or condo in New Hampshire / NH, I want to rent to own, Can I buy no money down?, I need a cheap or affordable home, Should I use a Buyer Broker?, What is a buyer's agent?, How can I buy a house without a real estate agent?, I need cash to buy, I am having trouble qualifying for a mortgage", contact us first.


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If you think you need the top or best real estate agent, realtor or broker, or the best attorney or lawyer in NH New Hampshire, to help sell, or to stop a foreclosure or file bankruptcy because you behind in your mortgage and you are afraid to use a possible scammer scam artist investor who buys houses, stop briefly, read this  / website completely, first, then decide. If you need or must sell your house, home or real estate now, fast, quickly or ASAP, contact us on our contact us page -


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