In New Hampshire / NH, need assistance with divorce, filing bankruptcy, avoiding foreclosure, refinancing, bad credit. I can't refinance. Also need help finding a good lawyer / attorney. Need to sell my house now. How can I make my house sell quickly? What about those We Buy Houses signs - are they scams? House / Home trouble? Stop foreclosure, avoid bankruptcy, get cash, sell quickly, help in divorce, estates, credit & mortgage problems in New Hampshire (NH). We Buy Houses scams are everywhere. say "No" in NH New Hampshire - Manchester, Derry, Londonderry, Goffstown, Candia, Hooksett, Weare, Bow. We Use Our OWN Cash to Buy. If we agree on the details, you can sell your New Hampshire home NOW. Traditional sale. NO SCAMS. NO SCHEMES like the other so-called "investors"!Sell my New Hampshire NH real estate property, home, house fast.Now. |Safely. No scams.No agent. No commissions. Stop foreclosure. Possibly avoid bankruptcy. Behind in mortgage? Divorce? Sell my New Hampshire NH real estate property, home, house fast.Now. |Safely. No scams.No agent. No commissions. Stop foreclosure. Possibly avoid bankruptcy. Behind in mortgage? Divorce?
Sell My Real Estate / House / Home In New Hampshire NH
Best Buy Houses Real Estate Investors in NH New Hampshire & Northern MA Massachusetts Who Can Buy My House Now Fast & Help Me Sell My Home For Cash
If you're asking, "How can I sell my home / house now or fast?". Contact Not a we buy houses scheme. Not a "cash for my house" scam. No buy houses signs on telephone poles or trees. But a tradtional sale of your home. You will likely say, "My home was sold quickly; for cash; in a safe manner; that was fair and familiar; to a Buyer who used his own cash; who did NOT ask for my deed. He bought it just as I originally bought my house & as he said he would. He was NOT like the others." No scams. No lies. No tricks.
Need to Sell my New Hampshire house / home in Allenstown, Amherst, Atkinson, Auburn, Bedford, Boscawen, Bow, Brentwood, Chester, Chichester, Candia, Concord, Contoocook, Danville, Deerfield, Deering, Derry, Epping, Epsom, Exeter, Francestown, Franklin, Fremont, Goffstown, Greenfield, Greenville, Hampstead, Hampton, Hollis, Hopkinton, Hudson, Hooksett, Jaffrey, Kingston, Lee, Litchfield, Londonderry, Loudon, Lyndeborough, Manchester, Meredith, Merrimack, Milford, Mont Vernon, Nashua, New Boston, Northfield, Northwood, Nottingham, Pelham, Pembroke, Penacook, Peterborough, Pittsfield, Plaistow, Portsmouth, Raymond, Salem, Sandown, Somersworth, Stratham, Suncook, Tilton, Weare, Webster, Wilton, Windham
Want to sell your house / home NOW? Sell it to us. No schemes. No scams. Traditional purchase.
  WARNING!   Some "House-Buying" Tactics May NOT Be For You!
                                                  "BUY" YOUR HOUSE. 
   Again, some of these approaches may work for some home owners.  It's likely that there are ethical
   people who use some of the approaches below.
   However, we do NOT use these approaches nor do we promote them.
   We feel that they are potentially far more risky for the home owner. 
  When we sell the homes in which we live, we will want to sell them in the traditional manner -  probably
  the way you, your friends and relatives, purchased their homes in the first place! 
   First, a quick review...
 1. Even though some may tell you they buy houses - they will not buy in the traditional manner because they can't.  They do not
      have the cash to buy and are not even a pre-approved for a mortgage.  They must use some scheme to take control of your property or
      buy it in a non-traditional ("creative") manner.
      Leasing, taking over payments, land leases, buying "subject-to", taking your deed, giving you some money now and more money
      after they re-sell the house, are just some examples of these "creative", non-traditional methods. There are many more.
  2. If you ask them to prove in writing that they do, PERSONALLY have the cash (by showing you valid and current bank statements
      showing the cash in their name) or a written pre-approval letter from a bank, they will typically not be able to and offer some alternative
      answer (such as  - they have other investors who give them the money, etc.).
  3. Some are for the most part, not formally trained and are inexperienced - getting most if not all of their "training" from TV infomercial real
      estate "gurus", get-rich-in-real-estate seminars and "boot camps", etc.
  4. Some may say they will buy any house, buy houses without any equity and pay the highest full retail prices for houses. 
  Here Are Some Other Tactics Of Which You May Wish To Be Aware...
   Some will offer to stop your foreclosure (if foreclosure is your particular problem) and even let you continue to live in
   the house!  Who would turn this down, right? They say they can do this by:
  1. Asking you to sign the house over to them, putting their name on the deed
  2. Giving you a small amount of cash up front & "buying" your house & leasing it back to you
  3. Leasing your house and "promising" to make the monthly payments, then selling your house in two years, and promising to give you the profit then
  4. Charging you a cash fee, paying a new, increased monthly fee to them while they say they will stop your foreclosure and make your payments
  5. Encouraging you to file bankruptcy; or use some other "creative" / non-traditional approach which will not sound or feel familiar to you.
   BE CAREFUL! These pitches that sound almost too good to be true, may NOT be for you!
   While under certain circumstances there may be benefits, NONE of these approaches would appear to GUARANTEE
   a happy ending (even though they may sound like they do) and ALL involve varying degrees of risk (at least from the fact
   that in some if not many cases, you are signing over control of your property to another person):
  • In some cases you'll be asked to pay very high fees up front, or make high monthly payments with interest rates even higher than your current loan. You may only just end up delaying the foreclosure - wind up dealing with it again at a later date, and having to face it with less cash in your pocket - because you  paid your valuable cash in fees to the person who was "helping you".   So you end up losing BOTH your house AND the extra cash you paid to the person or company that was going to save your home and help you.
  • If you gave the deed to your house to this person, you may still be responsible for making the payments!
  • Filing bankruptcy may seem like the easiest and fastest way to stop the auction.  It may be. BUT - bankruptcy can have its possible drawbacks as well.  It is clearly a negative mark on the credit record which lasts for years.  And, if a foreclosure can be stopped WITHOUT having to file bankruptcy, why not consider that option first? Don't be pressured into filing bankruptcy.  We are not attorneys.  This is not legal advice.  However, as we all know, no matter how good something sounds, nothing is perfect - almost everything has both pros and cons.
    REMEMBER THIS - The Schemers and Scammers will tell you what they think you want to hear.  Your job is to sift through
     the bull and get at the truth.  And - if they are willing to tell you anything you want to hear - and it all sounds good -
     shouldn't you be somewhat careful???
     The reason these approaches appeal to some people is because they seem to buy more time - allowing the homeowner
     to stay on in the house, stopping the foreclosure auction, etc.  BUT.....

     Look down the road and evaluate your situation - FIRST, BEFORE you sign anything.  Be realistic.  If there isn't a real, solid
     likelihood that your financial situation will get better within the time that you have "bought" using these methods, then you may have
     simply delayed the inevitable, spent more of your limited funds or obligated yourself to additional payments.  Size up what you think
     your income and expenses will REALLY be - then decide if these approaches which are being sold to you, are in YOUR best interests.
   There Are Others Whom We Encountered - People Who Try To Buy Houses - Who Actually Copied
    And Used Our Work - Without Our Permission
    Some may be so inexperienced, unskilled or unethical that they must copy or mimic the work of others. 
    They watch our websites and ads and copy us - in our opinion, in part, because they lack the ability to be creative on their own (and
    THEY know who they are, as they read this page...).   To the best of our knowledge, in our primary market area for example:
     It's unfortunate.  It's unprofessional.   It's a shame. Obviously, what we do is appreciated not only by our Customers, but also by our
    You can see the copyright symbol on our work. Our work is actually registered with the United States Library of Congress
    and we work closely with our Attorneys to maintain our strategies.
    Do Your Homework & Get The Facts:
    When you are approached by someone who wants to buy your home from a knock on your door, a
    post card, letter or phone call, or when you are tempted to call the phone number in the "real estate
    wanted" section of your local newspaper, on a sign you see nailed to a tree or telephone pole, don't be
    afraid to ask direct questions!
   Make SURE You Screen Them With These IMPORTANT Questions: (PRINT OUT THIS PAGE AND USE IT!)
     1.  First, review his ads, postcards, listen to his sales pitches closely, etc. - and look for clues.  Does he "offer to take over your
          payments"?  Or does he say he'll "buy any property in any condition or location and at any price"?  All of these statements may
          be CLUES as to his REAL ability to buy - and whether or not he ACTUALLY has the CASH - IN HIS POSSESSION. He may in
          fact simply be preparing you for some scheme that SOUNDS like the real deal but is NOT.  So...If his ad says or even suggests
          that he 'buys houses", ask: Will you personally take title and actually close on the purchase of my home? If not, how do you define
           the word "buy"?
     2.  If you do "buy" my house, will it be the traditional sale that I desire,  where we go to a closing in a reasonable period, say 30 days,
          at a Title company and I get a check in full for the purchase price to which we agreed, with no further obligation on my part to either
          the property, the mortgage or you?  If not, why not??? You led me to believe that you can "buy" my house!
     3.  Do you personally have the cash immediately available, in your personal accounts, to do an all cash purchase? If yes, please
          show me current bank statements, in your name, that would be used to buy.
     4.  If you do not actually have the cash to buy, why not?  Ask this question ESPECIALLY if his ad uses the 
word "cash" anywhere!
     5.  Do you "represent" other investors who supposedly do have the cash, if you don't?  Who are they?  Please give me their names,
          contact information so that I may contact them directly and determine if they are in fact capable of buying as you say.  How can I
          be assured that they have the cash?  How can I be assured that they will fund the transaction?
     6.  Will you be borrowing the money?  If you are borrowing the money, can you guarantee me the sale will close? Are you pre
          -approved for a loan and for how much? If so, provide it in writing from your bank.  If you are not pre-approved, why? Which banks
         have you applied to and which rejected you - and why???
     7.  Do you expect me as the Seller to participate in any way in the finance or sale of this house?  If so, why? Why can't this just be a
          simple, traditional & clean transaction where I sell my house & I get paid in full?
     8.  Describe your experience. How long have you been in real estate? How many actual purchases of homes have you done in the last
          two years? What proof can you offer?
     9.  Describe the sources and extent of your formal education and training.
    10. How many houses have you bought where you actually wrote a check for the purchase price?
    11. Describe some other aspects of your background and track record. For example:
          A. Have you ever filed bankruptcy?  When and why?
          B. Have you ever been arrested or incarcerated? If so, for what charges?
          C. Have you ever had a dissatisfied Customer take some action against you, including filing a lien against you? Details please.
          D. Have you ever been sued by a Customer? Please provide the details.
          E. If you are licensed, have you ever had your license revoked or suspended? Under what circumstances?
    12. What proof can you offer me that should cause me to trust you?
    13. Do you mind if I speak with other investors before I sign with you? If you mind, why?
    14. Will you put the answers that you just gave me to these questions in writing and sign it? If not why not? If you just told
         me the complete truth then you should have nothing to worry about. Right? 

    * Ask anything else that will enable you to better ensure that you are dealing with the right person - that person who will be able to
      successfully close, at the right price and meet your needs.
     *** AND - try your best to CHECK UP ON THEM AND VERIFY what they are telling you.
    4 VERY Important  Points!  Please Read This:
    A.  Keep in mind that some of those people who are out to deceive you will be preparing their answers from these
         questions. Make sure you spot them for who they are and dismiss them!
    B.  Yes, we know some of these questions are tough questions to ask.  But believe it or not, there may be some people out
         there who have, by their track records, demonstrated that they cannot be trusted or are not strong at managing
         important financial transactions.  Shouldn't you know about these issues BEFORE you trust the sale of your home to
    C.  Even though you may be looked straight in the eye, you may not be given the truth.  Some people out there are very
         slick and excellent at telling people just what they want to hear.
         Listen closely to the answers you get.  Even though you get what sound like the right answers, test them for the truth
         and KEEP TESTING - until you are satisfied.
    D.  And last but not least, make sure you make comparisons - especially to us and our background and approach.  PLEASE
         Read at least the "About Us", "Compare" and  "Our Founder" sections of our website.
      The information above and throughout our website and literature, is our opinion, not our advice.
      Others who buy houses will have their opinion as well and may try to disagree or tell you our opinions here are wrong.  No problem.
      In some cases, some others may slam our opinions simply out of the fear that they won't get your business.
      Our comments may apply to some and not others.  We are not commenting on any particular company or person, or on any one that
      uses any particular sales slogan or sales pitch. Yes, there are legitimate people out there who use some of the commonly seen sales
      pitches and slogans.
      As is the case with every field or occupation, there will be people who are great performers, mediocre performers and poor performers.
      To succeed, it is our belief that you should try your best to sift through the fluff and sales pitches and get to the real reasons why you
      should or should not work with someone, our Company included. Compare your options and make the best decisions you can.
     AND ALWAYS consider seeking the guidance of a qualified attorney prior to signing any document.
     A Few More Real-Life Horror Stories And Comments From People In Need Who Encountered Those
     Who Would Supposedly "Help" Them By "Buying" Their House:
 "Yes, I was very misled by *************.org. We even got as far as a contract. When I took it to my attorney for review I found out it
    was a scam. I was paying them $242,000 to close the deal and my name was still going to be on the mortgage while they profited from
    it!"  VE, TN
   "(They were) misleading and not very helpful." AH, MO
   "Yes (they were) a scam. What a joke." RB, FL
   "...Was very uncomfortable with (them). Did not seem legit." KH, FL
   She knew she had no equity in her home, yet the "investor" still wanted to "buy it" She knew there was something wrong.
    "I heard that before" she said laughingly..."I would never work with them. We can't be on the hook for the morttgage". MR, NH
    Some impressive-looking "buy houses" websites that hype natioanal coverage and make loads of promises don't necessarily
    mean the deal will go through as one expects or as promised.
    This person put his house under contract with a franchisee of a national "home buying" comany, advertising on the Web.
    Despite his promises, he broke the deal. "...He told me he could not get financing for it. Why have a XXXXX franchise if you have no
    access to capital? Doesn't make sense to me...I filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office and the XXXX the Dealaware Real
    Estate Commission..." BW, DE
    "...It was a scam. It was 1-800-XXXXXXX"  AA, MD
     Auction anyone? Another possible approach to take control of your property used by some who may have no desire or real
     money to buy. Regarding a New Hampshiire home owner's experience: "...He said let me do some research and I'll call you
     back tomorrow. He never called me back...He was pushing and pushing for auction. It was like ummm, you're not giving me any
     options - you just decided what route I should take and that's it..." SM, NH
    "We had a purchase agreement with an investor. Then he decided that his profit wouldn't be big enough AND he couldn't get the
     financing."  JJ, FL 
    "In foreclosure and scared...been approached by weird people and scam foreclosure prevention. He took my money and never got
     back to me..." B, MN
Help sell New Hampshire NH my house Buy home No Commission Stop foreclosure Avoid bankruptcy No real estate Agent
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If We Agree To Own Your Home, We Will Buy It



NO Schemes.  NO Scams. NO "Creative" Approaches.





First, A Few Compliments On Our Work…


"You didn't play any games, you didn't mislead us - you did exactly as you said you would.  You took the worry away." B&K R,MA


"...I really enjoyed your website. I'll use your questionnaire to screen people..." CC, AZ


“Thank you so much! I wish we could work directly – you were very forthright and informative. Thanks again.” JJ, FL



Second – A Few More Examples Why You MUST Guard Against The Scammers


Get-Rich-Quick TV "no Money Down" We Buy Houses real Estate Infomercials.  Other People Will Try To Get Rich While They Put The Home Owner At GREAT RISK.  Why? Because the person trying to "buy" your home using these techniques does NOT USE ANY OF HIS OWN MONEY.


Here's a quote from someone who buys with no money down:


 "We didn't have any money or credit. No one would help.  So I bought his course and within 2 weeks I bought a property with no money down."


 And from the person selling his course:


"My course shows you how to invest in real estate without any money.  Not one dime....You just can't lose...!" 



His Attorney Said "DON'T DO IT!"...


"...One was kind of seedy...Said sign over my deed, wait until  he gets refinanced, then he can payoff my loan and give me some cash.  My attorney advised me not to do it..."  SR, MA

    _ ______________


"But I won't do that!"


"...Someone else wanted to buy my house.  He said "for cash"!  He had no money.  He just wanted my deed...But I won't do that!". TL, FL



" I Had One Investor Who Wanted To Exchange My House For One That Wasn't Even Theirs!"


"...I need to sell my home.  I have talked to several people who claim to buy houses, but they just want to do deed swaps or keep the house (read, keep the mortgage) in my name and "make the payments", (both of which I'm not interested in)..."  LL, KY



They Sounded Like They Were Reading From Their Get-Rich-Quick Course Script...


"...I got the impression that these people had the ***** course (name omitted) open on the desk in front of them while they were talking...I really got my intelligence insulted..." TN, NH



Fast Talker...


"...One guy called me the other night...He was talking a mile a minute.  He wanted my deed... I think I would rather lose my house to foreclosure than deal with someone like that..." DA, MA



About A Florida "Investor"


"It was a scam.  Wanted our deed." M, FL



This Home Owner Wanted a LEGITIMATE Investor…


“I ran into them (we buy houses types). The guy kept bugging me. I told him I’m not comfortable giving you my deed. And then he said he’d take it “subject to”. I said “no way.  I am looking for someone legitimate!”” SA, KS



Sign Over The House –    But Can’t Buy It


“Two (buy houses people) tried to get me to sign over my house so they could attempt a short sale…” NV, VA



"...We're in dire need of help...I've been to other folks and companies...They were scams.  They've taken our money and run!" SM, TX



When responding to our email form, one Ohio owner said that “all” of the “investors” with whom she spoke were “scams”.  BM. OH



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In summary, our sole focus and role is to see if we can be of assistance when there's real estate involved and the need to take action. So, If in New Hampshire or Northern Massachusetts you are considering selling your home and you're saying, "I need to sell my home now in New Hampshire / NH or MA / Massachusetts, For sale by owner, I can't sell my house, I am losing my house, I have too many bills, I can't afford my house, They're taking my home, Refinance my house ASAP in New Hampshire / NH, I need help in stopping foreclosure, Please prevent / stop foreclosure in NH / New Hampshire, I need help, Where can I get help fast?,  I need assistance with filing divorce in NH / New Hampshire, I need advice / assistance or help with filing / avoiding / preventing bankruptcy (Chapter 7 or Chapter 13) in New Hampshire / NH, How can I sell my house while in bankruptcy?, How can I sell my house while in foreclosure?, Avoid bankruptcy now, Explain New Hampshire divorce law, Explain NH bankruptcy law, Explain New Hampshire Foreclosure law, I need the best / top lawyer or attorney, Stop foreclosure now, I need foreclosure help, Stop my divorce, Can I sell my house after I file for divorce?, I am losing my house!, I need a good divorce attorney / lawyer, I need a good real estate attorney / lawyer, I need a good bankruptcy attorney / lawyer, I must find a good foreclosure lawyer, Find me a good divorce lawyer / attorney, Help me after Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, How Can I sell my house while In bankruptcy in New Hampshire / NH, I need a new / cheaper / better mortgage to lower my payments now, Please prevent my foreclosure, Prevent bankruptcy, Stop the loss of my home, I need debt elimination / consolidation, I must reduce my debt quickly, or I need fast cash now, How can I sell my home without a real estate agent?, How can I sell my house myself?, I do not want to pay a commission, Will filing bankruptcy stop a foreclosure?, What are the foreclosure laws?, What are the bankruptcy laws?, I have bad credit, How can I sell my house myself?, How can I make my house sell faster?, My house is not selling, Why won't my house sell?, Can this investor really buy my house?, How do I know if this buy houses investor is a scam?, Are we buy houses people legit or a scam?, How do I know if he really has the money to buy?, Should I call the phone number I saw on a we buy houses sign?, How do I know if this real estate investor house home buyer is honest and has the cash money to buy?  How can I tell if the real estate buyer who wants to buy my house is lying or trying to cheat me? How can I avoid being scammed by the person who wants to buy my house?, Should I sell my house to an investor or a 'we buy houses" person?,  My credit score is low and I can't get a mortgage or refinance", contact us immediately. I get letters and cards asking to buy my house. Are these letters and cards scams? Why can't we sell our house? How can I MAKE my house sell NOW? Are those avoid bankruptcy stop foreclosure buy for cash cards signs and letters scams or real? 


If you're looking to buy and you're saying, "I want to buy a house, land, condo, home, mobile home, income property, rehab, or apartment building in NH, I need an affordable low cost mortgage quickly, I need a cheap mortgage fast, I want to buy a fixer upper ASAP, I need to lower my house payments, I need a downpayment, I can't afford a new home, How can I qualify for a mortgage, I need the Seller to carry paper, I need Seller financing, I want the best mortgage possible, I must have the lowest rates, I want a mortgage with no points or fees, Where I can I buy a house in New Hampshire without a down payment?,  I want to buy a house I can afford at a good price, How can I buy a mobile home in New Hampshire, Where are the best trailer parks in New Hampshire, I Want To buy a duplex or condo in New Hampshire / NH, I want to rent to own, Can I buy no money down?, I need a cheap or affordable home, Should I use a Buyer Broker?, What is a buyer's agent?, How can I buy a house without a real estate agent?, I need cash to buy, I am having trouble qualifying for a mortgage", contact us first.


In all areas we may provide assistance and help to those people seeking support in the quick buying and selling of real estate (houses, mobile homes, land, single family, multi family, duplex, condos, condexes, townhouses, commercial / retail strip malls, etc.) as it relates to bankruptcy (Chapter 7 and Chapter 13); foreclosure (stopping and avoiding foreclosure); divorce; relocating and relocation; estates; probate; inheritance of real estate; land lording, income, rental, or investment property; illness and death; getting cash quickly or assisting with badly needed cash due to layoffs; avoiding the payment of real estate commissions, etc.: Allenstown, Amherst, Atkinson, Antrim, Ashland, Auburn, Barnstead, Bedford, Boscawen, Bow, Brentwood, Chester, Chichester, Candia, Canterbury, Concord, Contoocook, Danville, Deerfield, Deering, Derry, Dover, Durham, Epping, Epsom, Exeter, Francestown, Franklin, Fremont, Gilmanton, Gilford, Goffstown, Greenfield, Greenville, Hampstead, Hampton, Hollis, Hopkinton, Hudson, Hooksett, Jaffrey, Kingston, Laconia, Lee, Litchfield, Londonderry, Loudon, Lyndeborough, Manchester, Meredith, Merrimack, Milford, Mont Vernon, Nashua, New Boston, New London, New Ipswich, Newton, Newfields, Northfield, Northwood, Nottingham, Pelham, Pembroke, Penacook, Peterborough, Pittsfield, Plaistow, Portsmouth, Raymond, Rindge, Salem, Sandown, Somersworth, Stratham, Suncook, Tilton, Weare, Webster, Wilton, Windham, Wolfeboro AND MORE in New Hampshire. In Massachusetts we serve Lawrence, Lowell, Methuen, Haverhill, AND MORE. Depending upon availability, we may also be able to refer you to another investor in Rhode Island, Connecticut, California, Virginia, Texas, Michigan among other states; and in Massachusetts, Worcester, Fitchburg, Leominster, Gardner, Westminster, Auburn, Shrewsbury, Shirley, Northborough, Acton and neighboring towns. 


If you think you need the top or best real estate agent, realtor or broker, or the best attorney or lawyer in NH New Hampshire, to help sell, or to stop a foreclosure or file bankruptcy because you behind in your mortgage and you are afraid to use a possible scammer scam artist investor who buys houses, stop briefly, read this  / website completely, first, then decide. If you need or must sell your house, home or real estate now, fast, quickly or ASAP, contact us on our contact us page -


We are not attorneys nor real estate agents nor do we perform any service which requires a license. We give our opinions, not advice.  We encourage every prospective Client to do their homework, thoroughly!  This not the "small print" - we suggest you act as we would act when considering an important decision.  Play it smart. Be diligent.


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